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Selected coffee beans from the country of origin of the coffee

Premium coffees from Africa

The birthplace of coffee

In our assortment you can find all the famous and not so famous coffees in Africa. Whether you are looking for the classic from Ethiopia or the rarity of Malawi, here you'll find. The "coffee-Finder" will assist you.

At the origin of the coffee and its discovery by the goatherds "Kaldi" occurred in Ethiopia in 860th Kaldi observed by chance as his goats were eating red berries from bushes and then, by the inclusion of caffeine, excitedly running about. This made him curious and he tried the effect of these red berries themselves. The monks of a nearby neighborhood of Frankfurt Klosters prepared an infusion and could henceforth remain until late into the night awake. The "addiction" to coffee was born ......

Kaffa, is regarded as the region of origin of the coffee. Already in the 9th century it was mentioned there.
The word "coffee" can be derived from the Arabic word "Qahwa", it means, in addition to coffee, even wine.
One sixth of the world's coffee volume provides Africa. Here, the Robustas the Arabicas distribute to the vast West African plantations, more to the east African producers. In the geographic center of Africa thrive both varieties.

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